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What is PSV License?

PSV License stands for Public Service Vehicle.

Is PSV License compulsory for all E-Hailing drivers?

Yes. PSV License is compulsory for all E-Hailing drivers under Ministry Of Transport regulation regardless of part time or full time. All drivers MUST have their PSV License passed before proceed for EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) application

How many types of PSV are there?

3 Types. 

  1. Teksi/Teksi Mewah/Kereta Sewa/E-Hailing
  2. Bas Mini/Van 
  3. Bas


Which PSV category is used by Grab Drivers?

Only PSV License under category (Teksi/Teksi Mewah/Kereta Sewa/E-Hailing) is accepted for Grab Driver Registration.


What is the cost to obtain PSV License?

Prices of PSV courses are different among driving institutes. Estimation cost for PSV only is around RM70-RM300. Not inclusive of Medical Checkup RM50-RM80 and processing fee for PSV card at JPJ office RM20-50.

PSV With Grab

For new Grab Drivers, you can obtain your PSV License with Grab at RM80.

Price inclusive of 6-hours PSV course, light refreshment and PSV Examination (1 time). Sign up via the registration form below for more information.

What is the easiest way to obtain PSV license for new drivers?

For new drivers, you can register online via the Grab Driver Registration Form below. Our admin will guide and send you instructions on how to obtain PSV license and ensure your registration process is on point.

I am an existing Grab Driver. My account is terminated due to No PSV License.

For this issue, it is compulsory for driver to visit Grab GDC to appeal for reactivation of account and GDC admin will guide you on how to obtain PSV for account reactivation.


Avoid making payment for PSV Class via online or WhatsApp. DO NOT make any payment if you find the person is suspicious offering illogical prices and promotions like online class, offering freebies.


To avoid fraud and scam cases on PSV courses, new drivers are strongly advised to register PSV course with JPJ-Registered driving institutes and make payment over their main counter. Refer to your registration admins for official JPJ-registered driving institute list.

Online payment for Grab PSV (PSV Bersama Grab) will ONLY be transfer to “GrabCar Sdn Bhd”. The price for Grab PSV after subsidised by Grab Malaysia is RM80 including one-time PSV examination.

Below is an example when a driver register PSV course with irresponsible personnel. The driver’s status will be show as below and will be blacklisted by JPJ.

psv grab

GrabCar Driver Registration Form:

GrabCar Driver Requirements:

1. Car Manufacture year 2012 and above.

2. Malaysian Citizen(MyKad Only) aged 21-years old and above.

3. Blue MyKad/MyTentera only (MyPR is NOT accepted)

4. Driving License D/DA (P License NOT accepted)

5. IOS/Android Smartphone.

Required Documents and how to take document photo  to register Grab Driver. (Refer Registration Form for sample of documents)

  1. Profile Photo
    • It will be used as Grab Driver App Profile Photo. Strictly no cap/hat or sunglasses.
  2. Original IC Photo (Front)
    • Makesure there’s no flash on the details of the IC.
  3. Photo of Car Insurance Covernote 
    • (Makesure your name is inside the insurance covernote Driver List). 
    • Covernote required is the page with full details of the car e.g. chassis number, engine number.
  4. JPJ Grant Photo

For new unregistered drivers, shall you still have issues in register Grab Driver, click the link below to whatsapp our group admins.

+60168000804 (BM, English)

+60163168357 (BM, English, Mandarin)