Grab Driver Document Requirements for Registration

grab driver registration malaysia

Below are the four (4) basic documents to begin with for Grab Driver Registration:   

  1. Profile Photo
  2. IC (Blue MyKad only)
  3. Vehicle Insurance Covernote
  4. JPJ Grant 

How to capture required documents for registration accurately

Profile Photo

This photo will be used for Display Photo in your Grab Driver app upon activation. Therefore it is advised to upload your best recognizable photo. (Above chest level selfie method is recommended.)

Drivers are NOT allowed to wear accessories such as sunglasses, cap, songkok, mask. Only Muslimah hijab and Sikh turban is accepted

Drivers are advised to capture their selfie with their phone camera. Below are samples of profile photo:

Rejected Photo

  • Cropped from some old photos. 
  • Cropped from your IC/License photo.
  • Old passport photo with blue background. 

grab driver photo malaysiagrab driver photo lady

IC (Identity Card)

Only Blue MyKad which represents Malaysian citizen is accepted. MyPR and MyTentera is NOT accepted for Grab Registration.

Off your flash function on your camera before taking photo of your IC. This will prevent the details covered by camera flash.

You may watermark your IC as per sample below.

DO NOT blackout your photo as below sample.

Sample as below:

register grab driver malaysia

Vehicle Insurance Covernote

The page required are the one consist of full vehicle details such as:

  1. Vehicle Model
  2. Car Plate
  3. Chassis Number
  4. Engine Number
  5. Coverage Period

Should the vehicle doesn’t belong to you. Kindly ensure terms like ALL DRIVER/ANY AUTHORISED DRIVER stated inside the insurance covernote.

Sample from ETIQA Insurance:

grab driver insurance covernote

JPJ Grant

Original JPJ Grant is required. Drivers may request from their loaner bank for their original grant or visit nearest JPJ branch to reprint your Grant at a cost of RM50.

Roadtax is only required for new cars. For example 2019/20 cars.

Sample as below: 

grab driver jpj grant

grab driver roadtax

For more info on PSV License and Grab Driver Registration. Click below links: